I was with the hope

 I am
sounding pompous, arrogant and impressed
ya selfish ...? could be yes, but I would
trying to realize the extent of that area
may be a healthy ego, amen.
I accidentally wrote me letters
small, so hopefully I can manage
I'm so not into ego asertip or
aggressive, because the real-carpenter carpenter
thus more of an awareness
narrow, people with a healthy ego
look at those around him with
full appreciation, usually with the ego that
sense will arise a desire to choose to
understand rather than to understand, more
choose to show the sympathy of
to look for sympathy, and hopefully I
here more love to give and
empathic, narrow consciousness can
misleading perception of reality.
If we are honest in fact most
we live in the consciousness of the
narrow, at times, and in a way
opening certain we did ourselves, but
another time in another way we cover
ourselves, we are usually tempted by thoughts
idea if we pull ourselves mentally and
hide themselves from the environment, we
will get away from all those threats
and circumstances, we will get used
seek safety in association with
all attitudes but the ways
such that it will bring
the apparent convenience, for they clearly
akn make us less.
I hope with this small letters
I'm trying to learn to be made
area by showing more attitude
generous, because in that way
I hope I can see myself behind
This ego mask accurately to
developing relationships with others and
the more
great, good, amen ... amen ... amen.

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